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The Recovery Radio Network is a collection of  Internet based radio stations providing recovery speakers, Twelve-Step workshops and, important insights from the medical profession "on demand" in a streaming media format. We are a non-profit corporation formed in 2004 with the mission of providing Internet based streaming audio content to the community of people recovering from Alcoholism, Co-dependency and Substance abuse. We also provide an additional resource for those professionals working in the field of Addiction Treatment.

Why Streaming Audio? 

Accessible from anywhere there is a computer and Internet connection.Simple "point and click" operation, no special knowledge needed. 

                                                         "Always on" 24 x 7 x 365 "Media on Demand" feature allows listening to complete selections from  the beginning to the end.                                                                                  

"Streaming Audio" feature for traditional type Radio broadcast,allowing for "live" commentary, interviews, readings, music, etc.                                                                                     

No proprietary software needed, runs in a downloaded Java player, or on your existing audio software (Windows Media Player, Winamp, Musicmatch etc.)                                           

No additional hardware requirements, uses Internationally recognized standard "MP3" format.                                                                                                                       

MP3 encoding optimized for Streaming Media format, resulting in quicker downloads.

Compact Audio Streams suitable for low bandwidth dial-up connections will work with low bandwidth "Dial-Up " accounts.

Compatible with mobile MP3 devices, CD players, home audio systems, and automotive sound systems supporting the MP3 format, adding a new dimension  of flexibility & portability, to this solution.Widest possible range of "Experiences", with new and ever expanding lists of audio items updated frequently. 

 " 12 Step Sponsors":

People working with individuals new to recovery can use this Internet based resource as a means to quickly convey "key" ideas and experiences.

"Road Warriors":

People out of town on business. Perhaps they got back to the hotel room after that stressful business meeting too late to catch a local recovery meeting. With a laptop computer and the "in room" or wireless Internet connections, provided by many hotels today, the Recovery Radio Network is only minutes away.

Pleasure/ Vacation travel:

Even these trips can be stressful to the person in recovery and it's nice to know that we are available from almost anywhere on the planet.


Early recovery is very stressful, with many people new to the process suffering the most, during times of Isolation. This will be a resource available to combat those periods of depression with a positive reinforcement, providing relief from those  "Late Night Committee Meetings".


People in the field of addiction can use this resource as a method of distribution for research data in addition to providing this information to people under their care. This will allow reaching the widest possible audience in the shortest amount of time with new information. 

Treatment Facilities:

A new resource available to introduce  Twelve Step concepts within the classroom environment to groups of people in treatment, adding a new dimension to Group Therapy.

Military Personnel:

Military life is often transitory, making it difficult for the recovering person to "put down roots" and establish steady, reliable, contacts within the Recovery Community. With the modern technology now available to military personnel, they can be posted almost anywhere in the world, and still stay in touch with the message of recovery using our service.

Disabled People

People with mobility issues that make it difficult to attend meetings outside the home can use this resource to keep in touch with their recovery.

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